Design alignment for trip management
Lead designer
June 2020 - Present

The problem

Currently, the experience of viewing, modifying, and cancelling a booking isn’t as seamless as we’d like it to be. Each of our products have their own hierarchy of info, design language, and placement of major actions (see screenshot below). With COVID-19, travellers have been reaching out to our support team in massive volumes. Our goal is to bring consistency, clarity, and assurance to bookings.

The process

We started by categorising the requests received by the support teams for all verticals. They were mostly around changing dates, cancelling, or confirming a reservation. A quick look at our products showed that these three actions are pretty hard to find or change. A card sort helped us understand the mental models of the travellers.

With these results, we knew what pieces of information mattered to all customers, irrespective of what product they purchased. I created common design components for the information blocks, using the design system. Each vertical is then able to inherit these components into their flows. Over time, any cross-product changes that affect more than one product, come back to me. Our team of developers builds these micro front-end components and passes them onto each team.

The outcome

This project is in-progress. We are going live with different teams, as they incorporate our components. The end goal is to have consistent design language across all post-booking touchpoints. Below, you can see the aligned booking pages that have gone live for Attractions, Flights, and Taxi.

My role

In the design phase, I create the common components and flows that are used across different products. I also validate the new designs with user testing and design reviews, by collaborating with other designers.

A a massive team effort, I regularly work with 20+ designers on their respective products to co-design, review, and finalize the agnostic components and flows. I create production-ready mockups for our developers to implement the shared designs. Stakeholder management, crafting a roadmap with design leadership, and collaborating with the Design Systems team are part of my responsibilities as well.

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