About me

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Hi there, my name is Aiswarya and I am a digital product designer and freelance illustrator. I currently live in Amsterdam, Netherlands and work at Booking.com.

Before this, I was a designer at Zomato (a food tech company) in New Delhi, and a UX designer/researcher at Ford in Detroit. I studied electrical and computer engineering at Olin College of Engineering and did cool internships, like one at Tesla Motors.

In my free time, I make illustrations (I'm now open for commissions!), drink all kinds of tea, listen to audiobooks, and play volleyball. I love to visit new cafes and settle down with my iPad and Pencil beside the canals of Amsterdam ☕

Are you looking to create something awesome? We could be a great match. For job opportunities, product design or illustration requests, please email me at aiswaryakolisetty@gmail.com. For latest illustrations and art prints, you can visit my Instagram.