What's cookin' right now
A peek into what I'm working on right now, most of which is ongoing or in development.
November 2017 - Present

Work projects

Scaling online ordering (May 2018 - Present)

The online ordering business at Zomato is growing at a rapid scale. We are looking at over 400,000 daily orders on a typical weekend now. With the business growing so fast, the company's tech, customer support, and logistics teams have to scale just as quickly.

I'm working on growth sprints to help scale the design of the online ordering consumer app, merchant app (for restaurants accepting orders), and delivery boy app. I'm also introducing new chatbot features in the consumer app to automate customer replies and reduce the load on our support teams. Every week that we launch new features, we save thousands of dollars in support and operational costs. Design for the win!

Zomato desktop website (November 2017 - Present)

Sumit and I have been redesigning the Zomato desktop web experience. We created a new UI Kit, redesigned existing features, and added new features neglected on the web.

In this project, we used data to drive a lot of our design decisions. We looked at entry points onto the website, user funnels, and drop-offs. We understood where the user can be more engaged or informed as we redesigned certain flows.

Payments at Zomato (February 2018 - Present)

Zomato recently got funding from Ant Financial, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. One of the new avenues we'll be targeting now is the payments space.

Kanika, a colleague, and I started with user research around dining out and payments. We focused on two areas - interaction with the waiter and payment of the bill (especially in groups). We targeted two user segments - college students and working professionals. We are using the research to ideate on how Zomato can reduce the pain of payments.

Personal projects

Design mentorship with Alohomora students (January 2018 - Present)

In 2018, I started working with a friend who runs an NGO called Alohomora Education . They help students find their place in the real-world after finishing high school.

I am working with 12th grade students to expose them to the design and tech industry that we work in. We do this in several ways. One, we maintain a Whatsapp group with the kids where we share articles and thoughts. Two, we hold a monthly Google Hangout workshop to learn and teach new principles in design. Three, we do a monthly face-to-face workshop at a school.

Freelance for early-stage startups (February 2018 - Present)

I work with early-stage startups who want some design guidance or critique on their apps. I help them audit their existing design, suggest improvements, and design new features.

Clients so far: 3Edge Solutions, FlipIt, Fotowalle

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