Concierge, a B2B tool for hotels
Lead designer
December 2019 - May 2020

The problem

Concierge is a B2B tool for our hotel partners to book tours and tickets for their guests. Our research showed that hotels valued a connection with their guests, advising them on places to go and where to eat. However, when the MVP launched in Amsterdam, only 10% of the onboarded properties were opening the tool; and fewer were booking tickets.

The process

I started by setting up interviews with 15 hotels in Amsterdam to learn why the tool doesn’t help them. From the interviews, we learned that staff didn’t want to be ticket sellers, but wanted to be insightful local experts. We also found that the product didn’t update info about happenings in the city, so the static info wasn’t helpful to them. Entering guest details was another problem they faced. With some brainstorming, design iterations, and user testing with partner hotels, we revamped the entire product.

The outcome

To validate our new hypotheses, we tested several features, within and outside of the Concierge app.

The following feature went live. Please get in touch to see other features in development.

My role

As the lead designer and researcher on this project, I created and conducted our interviews with the account managers in Amsterdam and Berlin. As we brainstormed new ideas, I created and tested a variety of design prototypes, iterated them, and created production-ready mockups for developers.

This project pushed our small team to get out of the comfort zone of our MVP Concierge tool. We had to pivot what we were building and experiment with new ideas.

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