🙏 I like to express some of my life experiences in the form of poetry. I play around with hand lettering and sketching here too.

For all the ammas, mommies, moms, and others out there. Keep rockin our socks off 💗

Overheard while working in tech 📱

The less romantic side of being a product designer 🎨

When a tough conversation ends up going pretty smoothly, and you wonder how it's possible to leave it feeling lighter and more resilient than before 🎨 first time with watercolor

Has social media numbed us to the beauty of words and the world? 🌏 Today it's a constant stream of information and I don't know whether I like it or not.

Finished reading The Rosie Project and sketched the book (spoiler alert!) 📚

Starting the year with some family feels 🐧 Art by Arpit Agarwal

On the new year, just sit back and enjoy your breakfast 🍳 🍓 ☕

This comes from learning how to be okay with messy feelings, not erasing them. Letting the mess unravel and observing what happens. Enjoy the sneaky ending 😉

For when the thoughts in my head get too loud for my own good 💬

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